Gartnerkofel Sunrise
Hiking Tour

Get up and go! 

Getting up early is definitely rewarded here: Experience the stunning and atmospheric sunrise in the Carinthia Alps with view in direction Italy at Nassfeld’s Gartnerkofel!

You have to start your day early if you don’t want to miss out on this unforgettable experience. It will be still dark outside when you set off on a 1.5 hours hiking tour in direction towards the Gartnerkofel’s summit cross. Once arrived there in 2.950 m above sea level, a dazzling sea of light on the surrounding mountain tops awaits you during sunriseThe light of dawn immerses the surrounding valleys in a soft light –looks of amazement and unforgettable snapshots are guaranteed! 

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Guided sunrise hiking tour

Our weekly hiking programme is perfect for anyone who would like to enjoy this experience in the company of a certified hiking guide! This offer is even free of charge in connection with the "+CARD holiday"! A joint, tasty Alpine breakfast in the Watschiger Alm is waiting after conquering the summit.

"+CARD holiday"

An action-packed summer - free of charge* with the "+CARD holiday".

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