Learning Trail & Water Trail

The six information boards located along the 3.5 km Water Adventure Trail provide an insight into the many threats that water can pose and the best ways to protect mankind from these dangers.

Over the last centuries and decades the Gailtal Valley has experienced several periods of severe flooding, often resulting in major damage to property in the surronding area. Therefore, in 1970 work began on a flood defence mechanism designed to protect the people and buildings in the valley. The "Ringdamm Rattendorf" dam, which lies at the heart of the Nature Learning Trail and the Water Adventure Trail, forms part of this complex mechanism. When water levels become dangerously high, the dam releases large amounts of water to flood uninhabited land, thereby protecting towns and villages in the region.

Walkers can learn about the dangers of flooding and the countermeasures taken in the Gailtal Valley using a series of information boards. These also contain information about natural habitats in and around the valley as well details on how the local population has harnessed the power of water over the centuries.

Last but not least, visitors can find out more about rivers, lakes and streams in the region as well as the many animals that live near these bodies of water. Today, this mosaic of habitats makes Nassfeld a unique natural jewel with an enormously diverse range of fauna and flora.