Carinthian Quality 

Top facilities and services in the south of Austria

Carinthia is leading the way in Austria as the first province to introduce a quality model supported by all sectors of the tourism industry.

The quality model is based on existing ratings and categories used in Carinthia such as:

• the star classification for accommodation,

• the ADAC stars for camping accommodation,

• the "Genusswirt Kärnten" for the restaurant industry,

• the certificate "Genussland Kärnten" for bars, snack bars and mountain huts,

• the flower classification according to the Holiday on the Farm quality criteria for farm accommodation,

• the categorisation according to the Holiday on the Farm quality criteria for mountain huts offering Holiday on the Farm experiences,

• the Nature Active Guide certification for sports schools.

Together with our tourism partners, we have created a series of criteria in order to measure the quality of holiday experiences in Carinthia. Hotels and guesthouses which meet these criteria are awarded an official stamp of approval.

Regular inspections, advice from tourism experts and a series of training courses ensure that the highest standards are maintained at all times.

The stamp of approval is designed to help guests decide where to stay during their holiday in Carinthia. It guarantees a warm welcome and friendly atmosphere with excellent service provided by a team of highly trained staff.

Hotels and guesthouses which have been awarded the stamp of approval consider themselves ambassadors for the region and its slogan "Carinthia - Lust for Life". They take pleasure in showing guests what makes this province in the south of Austria so special.

Top quality accommodation in Carinthia

High standards and stringent checks ensure that guests can look forward to excellent accommodation on their holiday.

Attractions with the Carinthian Quality promise the holiday destination Nassfeld-Pressegger guarantee unique expierences. 

Carinthian Quality restaurants

Top quality restaurants in the holiday destination Nassfeld-Pressegger See. 

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