GeoPark Karnische Alpen

A journey back in time through the history of Planet Earth

Visitors to the GeoPark Karnische Alpen can look forward to a fascinating journey through the history of Planet Earth told via more than 70 information stations between Feistritz/Gail and Maria Luggau in the Lesachtal Valley. Children and adults alike can experience geology at first hand in the form of fossilised plants and animals dating back many millions of years. The information stations are connected to each other by a network of geotrails that pass by natural highlights including:


  • thundering waterfalls,
  • ancient canyons,
  • steep rockfaces,
  • idyllic mountain lakes.

Experience geology

The visitors' centre at the Geopark Karnische Alpen in Dellach im Gailtal is a popular meeting point and gives visitors the opportunity to learn more about the region's geography using interactive tools such as touchscreens. Children can get their hands dirty as they search for stones in the stream, while short films and real fossils make geology a fun, hands-on experience.

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guided tours and visits by appointment possible

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For Kids: Treasure hunt in a petrified primeval forest

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Treasure hunt in a petrified primeval forest
Magic Moments in the GeoPark Karnische Alpen

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