The taste of Nassfeld

Embark on a culinary journey of discovery

The Nassfeld region is famous for its food. Indeed, certain products such as Gailtaler Speck (dried bacon), Gailtaler Almkäse (cheese) and Gailtaler Räucherlachs (smoked salmon) have won several awards and are available not only to buy but also to taste in many of the region's huts and restaurants. A number of manufacturers also offer guided tours, giving foodies the chance to discover how these local delicacies are produced.

Strong mountain cheese, freshly smoked dry bacon, smoked salmon from the Gailtal Valley and delicious polenta are just a few of the regional specialties that go back many centuries. Today these traditions have lived on, making Carinthia one of the leading regions in Austria for good homemade food. Visit one of the 25 mountain huts in the region to take the taste test yourself!

Haven for foodies

Call in at Bachmann's farm to sample the delicious local smoked salmon from the Gailtal Valley. Alternatively, make a booking for a guided tour of Schlössl Lerchenhof, including a tasting session featuring some of the region's famous dried bacon.

Nassfeld is a great place to combine hiking with eating. Our guide will take you to three traditional mountain huts to sample food and drink from the region. For more information see the latest weekly programme.

Dried bacon and mature cheese from the Gailtal Valley

Gailtaler Speck

This delicious local dried bacon is produced between Hohenthurn near Nötsch and Kötschach-Mauthen as well as in the Gitschtal Valley.

Gailtaler Almkäse g.U. 

A total of 13 dairy farmers in the region produce genuine Gailtal Valley mountain cheese. Delicious!