Nassfeld Legends

Adventures with Rolf Kauka's Fix & Foxi

Cool comics in combination with real outdoor adventures: These adventures turn even the youngest into real heroes! The holiday destination Nassfeld-Pressegger See offers adventure playgrounds close to nature where children’s inquiring minds, need for movement and fantasy can run freely. Linked to the stories in the comics, Rolf Kauka's two little foxes Fix & Foxi go on holiday to Nassfeld and Lake Pressegger See where they meet up with the local Nassfeld Legends to deal with a wide range of adventures. Fun & variety are guaranteed! 

Nassfeld Legends

The characters from Nassfeld and Lake Pressegger See originate from the local culture nature. The “Pramollo Wild Bunch“, the “Mountain Fairy“, the “Speckwutz“, the “Lake Witch“ or the “Almrausch“ direct you to exciting sites where they and Fix & Foxi experience the strangest things.

In a child’s eyes, the way is often more important than the destination. And if there is also an exciting story that can be experienced and re-enacted then is the time and the distance walked often quickly forgotten!

Nassfeld Legends - In the Realm of the Wilde Bunch 

You don’t have to worry when your child is suddenly a member of a ‘gang‘ or is seeing ghosts! With the comic of the "Nassfeld Legends – In the Realm of the Wild Bunch", your child will dip right into a mountain adventure and the scenes in the mountains turn into a wonderful, unique story! 

Fix & Foxi, Nana Eusebia and Lupo, their piggishly greedy friend, go on holiday to Nassfeld! They want to visit old friends and find themselves promptly in the middle of an adventure! They meet the Nassfeld Legends and the Nassfeld gang of smugglers ("Pramollo Wild Bunch").


Come and join the puzzle hunt in the Realm of the Wild Bunch!

The scene of the mountain adventures with the gang of smugglers is the adventure mile "In the Realm of the Wild Bunch" on the Sonnenalpe Nassfeld (lower terminal Madritschen chairlift). An exciting puzzle hunt on the smugglers‘ trail starts here. A fantastic surprise can be collected at the Café Kapas at Nassfeld, Lido Hermagor or at the tourist information in Hermagor once the puzzle has been solved! 

Adventure mile "In the Realm of the Wild Bunch"

Surprises and games await young guests along this outdoor adventure trail.

"+CARD holiday"

An action-packed summer - free of charge* with the "+CARD holiday".


For the whole family: dive into the adventure of the "Pramollo Wild Bunch"! 

Nassfeld Legends - In the Realm of the Lake Witch

Fix & Foxi go on a new adventure at the holiday destination Nassfeld-Pressegger See and this time they get to deal with the Lake Witch of Lake Pressegger See.

Just as well they get help from the Nassfeld Legends "Monti" and the kind "Mountain Fairy". Together they have to return the holy Wulfenia flower and also have to get Lupo out of some mess yet again. 


The theme playground "In the Realm of the Lake Witch" at the lido in Hermagor at Lake Pressegger See amazes its visitors because all attractions, like the giant snake to play with and the colourful wooden figures of the Nassfeld Legends for example, have been carefully made from natural robinia wood.

The Lake Pressegger See biosphere can be discovered in a playful way together with Fix & Foxi and the Nassfeld Legends: 

Children at the playing ground Seehexe at the lake Pressegger See
Theme playground "In the Realm of the Lake Witch"

Meet the Witch of the Lake at this new themed play area on the shores of Pressegger See lake.

"+CARD holiday"

An action-packed summer - free of charge* with the "+CARD holiday".

The comic books are available at the Nassfeld-Pressegger See Info & Service Centre (Wulfeniaplatz 1, 9620 Hermagor) and the region’s accommodations!

Mountain playground"Almrausch"

The good-natured, mysterious mountain hermit can be found on the "Almrausch" mountain playground at the Gartnerkofel. This kids' adventure area boasts eight activity stations and some tricky tasks are waiting there.