Rolf Kauka's Fix & Foxi family

Fix and Foxi go through thick and thin

These two brothers go through thick and thin. Being challenged by someone, the cheeky duo doesn’t react with fists but uses clever ideas and quick-witted replies instead. Fix is brave and is not afraid of anything, and he is always ready for something new. Foxi, on the other hand, is careful and thinks before he acts. They are the likeable kids from next door and everyone wants to be their friend.

With the youthful independence and courage, they get into new adventures again and again. The Fix & Foxi Family also includes Lupo, Lupinchen, Nana Eusebia, Uncle Fax and Professor Knox.



Lupo is a really clumsy fellow and always gets from one mess to the next. Fix & Foxi are forever helping to get him off the hook. 

The Fix & Foxi Family on a visit to the holiday destination Nassfeld-Pressegger See

The funny family from Fuxholzen finally wanted to spend a holiday in the beautiful town of Hermagor - and just stayed: Nana Eusebia, Lupinchen, the old mischief Lupo and of course our two heroes Fix and Foxi. 

Having hardly arrived, they got right into an adventure. That, of course, together with the Nassfeld Legends -the AlmrauschMonti and the Mountain Fairy, who quickly turned out to be very good friends. Something that cannot be said about the Pramollo Wild Bunch, the Speckwutz and the Lake Witch


It has been twice as busy and exciting as usual in the Gailtal Valley, in Hermagor and on the Gartnerkofel ever since. If you have time – just come along and see us. Plenty of fun is guaranteed



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